Cat Behavior with other Animals

NFO cat with green eyesWe can live happily together

Most of the cats can live with other animals with no problem. How well they accept new pets depends largely on how well socialized they were as kittens and how many pleasant encounters they had with other animals at this time.
It’s important to introduce them slowly to the new arrivals, give them chance to get to safety if they are unsure or scared and sufficient time to learn to trust the new guys before they get into close encounters.
Adult cats are more likely to adjust to a new kitten than to a new adult cat that is introduced into the household. Continue reading

Cat Bath Wipes

black - tortie NFO cat ArabellaA Practical Way to Clean a Mess Quick

This is how I learned about these awesome cat bath wipes!
Alexandra (a friend of mine) gave her beautiful Norwegian forest cat Skylar a bath few days ago. Her fur turned out nice and clean with lots of volume and Alex was really proud of it, but yesterday rained a lot and she forgot the cat flap open, so Sky went out and came back in the kitchen with muddy paws. You can imagine what a disaster that was…
Thankfully Alex still had from these amazing grooming wipes which are perfect for messy moments like this one! Continue reading

Understanding Cat Behavior

Have you ever wondered why do cats knead? Do you want to know more about your cat’s behavior?

black and white NFO greetingUnlike dogs, cats are not pack animals but they are social animals as well. It is incredible that they have adapted so well to living with people as domestic cats.
Cats love to snuggle on you and knead with their front paws.

They like to form a communal sent by rubbing against us to mix their scent with ours. They will do this with all familiar, friendly humans and animals in the family. This communal scent smells like home, is reassuring and represents safety.
We can guess our fluffy companions moods, thoughts and study the cat behavior by learning to read and understand their body language. Continue reading

Cat Products Water Fountains

Cats as Territory Hunters

Balanced diet and fresh water are very important elements of a cat’s health. This means that we have to pay attention and change the cat water regularly to prevent health problems.
The ancestors of our domestic kitties were solitary hunters in a certain territory that supplied them with all the food, shelter and fresh water they needed to survive.

white NFo cat next to a spring
Although our pet cats are well fed and they no longer need to hunt for their food, they haven’t lost the instinct and desire to go out patrolling and hunting in an area they can call their own. Most cats have a certain area which they consider their territory, to them this area represents safety, and can provide a food and water supply should their humans fail to do this for them. Continue reading

Cats as pets

A practical guide for new cat owners

Are you wondering whether to get a cat or not? Here is some information about the cats as pets, understandable guide to new owners and what to expect of the fluffy feline friends.

NFO tortie kitten in a basketDifferent cats require different degrees of social contact and some of them will be more independent than their owners wish. Cats that have low requirement of social contact can make disappointing pets, since although they may learn to tolerate their owners attention, they never really seem to enjoy it.

Other cats will actively seek out human company and show signs of distress if they cannot get enough. Cat breeds such as Norwegian Forest, Siamese and Burmese have a high need for contact with their owners due to selective breeding. Continue reading

Cat care in the summer

Fur coat on a hot day – no way!

We all love warm weather, sunshine, ice cream, holidays on the beach and everything else that comes with the summer!NFO cat in the bathroom sink
But what about our furry friends? Do they feel comfortable with so much fur when the temperatures start to rise? Have you ever asked those questions yourself? Which is the best cat care in the hot summer days?

Usually when the weather is hot cats are searching for a cool, shady place to lay, slow down activity and rest. Continue reading

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze Review

The Biscuit toy that beats boredom

Is your cat bored? Maybe overweight? Is her food bowl siting on the kitchen floor empty?
NFO playing with catit food mazeIf your cat is overweight, lazy, eating her food too fast or simply bored out of her brain, this is something that you will find useful as well as entertaining :)
Catit Design Senses Treat Maze is a practical cat feeder designed especially for bored and overweight cats. Continue reading

Cat flap and Cat door

A practical luxury for pets

NFO cat flapYou know what a cat door or a cat flap is. Even if you live in a busy town where there aren’t any houses with cat flaps on their doors, you must have seen them at least in the movies, TV adverts and so on.

Cat flap is primarily used to create access for the pet to an outdoor enclosure or garden but it can be very practical indoors as well.

Really useful if you have more than one pet and you want to keep them in separate rooms or for example you want to make sure that your dog is not eating the cat’s favorite food :) Continue reading

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Cat enclosures and Cat sheds

Indoor cat or outdoor cat? Should I let my kitty entertain herself outside or not? That is something which many cat owners should consider carefully.
Cats are primarily indoor pets nowadays due to many reasons such as our urban accommodation, busy routines, lack of funds and so on. Most people are afraid to let their cats outside because of the dangers that lurk beyond the safety and warmth of our homes. Obvious reasons are cars, public transport, hostile people, dogs and other animals. Also the cats themselves can represent danger to the outside world by hunting small birds and mammals.outdoor cat NFO
Of course there are also many advantages for cats who have access to fresh air, gardens and the wonders of the outside world. Continue reading

Cat Garden

Which plants are suitable for my kitty?

Cats in general are independent creatures that like to spend most of their time on their own hunting, stalking or simply lying in the shadows when is a hot day. NFO cat tortie with a branchThey are territory animals living in their forest, hunting ground or cat garden.

But not all cats are like that especially in this day of age where they are domesticated by the humans and are the most common pets as well as dogs. All dogs go outside with their owners but cats usually don’t – why is that?
I personally think that cats must go outside too if that is possible in your circumstances. If you can provide an outdoor enclosure or a cat garden for your cats that will surely prevent them from being bored, causing trouble or even being depressed. Continue reading