Cat trees


A Cat home within your home

Cat trees can be a wonderful addition to improve your cat’s quality of life. As people we tend to live in a more horizontal environment, but cats on the other hand live in a much more vertical world.Large cat tree in a living room with cats
As a cat owner, at one time or another you’ve probably found your fury friend perched up high somewhere around your home. This is because instinctually cats love to climb and observe the world around them, or their prey from above. It can also offer a safe haven and a feeling of comfort and security. This is especially true for cats which are perhaps a little more timid or nervous as again, they like to have a good overview of their environment. Continue reading

How to deal with cat anxiety?


Excited about your cat show?
wondering how to deal with cat anxiety?

There is nothing wrong if you are a little bit nervous while you and your lovely cat’s are preparing for a show. Remember! Cats are like babies, they share a bond with you and they can feel it if you are nervous about the event, that alone can make them anxious too!  Norwegian forest show cat black blotched tortie looking out of her cage

It’s fairly common to come across cats with a nervous disposition during stressful situations such as shows. If a cat has not been trained to be in a crowded room since a young age while surrounded by many new people and other animals, going to cat shows can be a very stressful thing. Continue reading

Care of the cats coat

FRAME_UPPERAs part of the cat care information brought to you buy wegiecat we have this special advice on how to care for your NFO’s coat, with a particular emphasis on the show cat.
Norwegian Forest cat standing on a box
This breed has developed naturally in the wild without any human “help” and that’s why it’s coat is easier to maintain than it looks, unlike some other semi-long and long haired breeds. If you own an NFO as a pet it is good to brush his/her coat once a week. During spring time when they shed their inner woolen coat it is recommended to comb them 3 to 4 times a week. That will prevent knots forming as the loose hairs can tangle in the coat and also you will have an easier time cleaning your furniture from the fur. Continue reading

The Personality of The Norwegian forest cat


As cat owners we all know cat personalities vary from cat to cat, no matter what breed they may be, as with humans they have different characters no matter their ethnic origin.

NFO’s generally are famous for their intelligent and friendly behavior. This “dog like” character makes the wegie cat extremely unique. The Personality of Norwegian forest cats can be described as easily adaptable, very inquisitive, talkative and courageous. These cats can easily travel without being stressed and have no problems changing their usual environment. Continue reading